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exit now

Signs have become a part of the American landscape, serving as visual punctuation along long stretches of road and time. They act as exclamations and proclamations of people, places, and things you must see or do. Signs are never a single static image– the words and images skew and reverse as viewed through the various frames of a car. The car itself acts as a frame containing just you, the driver, and your thoughts. You exist neither in one space or the other, but rather a different realm of time altogether, where time is not counted by the ticks of seconds, but rather the spaces in between songs and thoughts and the signs zipping by.

Exit Now is not just a book about road trips or a book about signs, but rather how thoughts and time wander within a space that exists in-between the sheer speed of driving and the mind of the driver.


screenprint and chrome vinyl

hand-bound book, 2015